So Long, Dad…

…and enjoy heaven’s golf courses. It might mean waiting for a tee time in Purgatory for awhile, but with this upcoming Saturday being a First Saturday, maybe it won’t be that long after all.

Early this morning, my dad passed away in his home, in the company of his wife and eldest daughter. It was expected, as he had been in hospice care since mid-January. It was a peaceful, happy death.

He was a good man, a loving husband, a father who provided for his family and loved each of us kids as if they were the only one in the world. I am grateful I had the chance to see him last month, when the decision to go in hospice was made. I am grateful I had the chance to tell him I love him before he went. I am grateful that I had had the opportunity to tell him that if I was twice the husband and father I am now, I would still be half the husband and father he always was.

I will miss him.

Please keep my mom in your prayers.

Here’s a tribute I wrote about my dad on Father’s Day back in 2009.

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24 responses

  1. Eternal rest grant upon him, and peace for you and your family. My dad too is very ill. It is a moment in time when you get to truly treasure every moment with them you can, and try to not be afraid for the impending moment when you won’t be able to.


  2. Hello Larry,
    Adrienne and I (I’m Adrienne’s husband) are praying for you and family. We’re both orphans, all four parents died many years ago, and we empathize with your loss. Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your dad, though.
    Harold Streeter


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  4. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and uber-kind comments. I’m touched by your compassion – it means more than you know.

    My dad’s funeral is Monday 3/3 at 11 AM EST. I expect it to be the usual mix of sadness and joy, but a bit heavier on the joy side.

    God bless you all.


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