Jiminy Chricketistianity

I was at Disney World last week, helping to chaperone our town’s high school marching band (Elder Son, a senior, & Younger Son, a freshmen, are members, and once every 4 years, our town’s high school band is invited to march at Disney. We went as a family.).  The Magic Kingdom evening fireworks show – performed above Cinderella’s Castle – included some rather neat video effects displayed on the castle itself. At one point, Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio made an appearance, with Jiminy uttering his most famous line from the song “Give A Little Whistle”:

“Always let your conscience be your guide.”

Bam! It suddenly occurred to me – that’s what Catholycs say and believe. Thus, I’ve coined the phrase Jiminy Chricketistianity.  Oh sure, they like to quote parts of the catechism – out of context, of course – that seem to support their position, stuff like “primacy of conscience”. But really what they believe in is Supremacy of Conscience.  And there’s nothing Catholic about that at all.  Instead of using their conscience, they worship it, which is a one-way ticket to Pleasure Island, where naughty boys (and girls too – we’re all about diversity here!) act like jackasses and then turn into them.

A person can virtually justify any sort of behavior by letting their conscience, and not sound moral Catholic teaching, be their guide. And that’s what they do.

The Church teaches that contraception is an evil?  Not according to Jiminy Chricketistianity!  It’s perfectly hunky-dory!

The Church says that divorced and remarried folks, without benefit of an annulment, ought not present themselves for communion, because they’d be committing sacrilege?  Jiminy Chricketistianity says otherwise – so go ahead! It’s okay!

Want to support so-called same-sex marriage? Go for it! Jiminy Chricketistianity says love and marriage are whatever you want them to be, regardless of what God and Scripture and Church teaching has to say about it.

You think the Church discriminates against women because they can’t be ordained priests? If you’re a believer in Jiminy Chricketistianity, then you’d be right.  Your conscience trumps doctrine, doncha know.

On and on it goes.

Next time you hear someone say that they can follow their conscience while ignoring Church teaching and still be good Catholics, tell them that’s the exact same thing a talking cricket told a wooden marionette who wanted to be a boy.

Both are equally make believe.

And then give a little whistle.


About thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan with his wife and 2 sons. He's been blogging on Catholic topics since March 2008, providing orthodox commentary on heterodox hooliganism, with observations on the culture, trends, and the Church. His goal? Inject humor and fun into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously.
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8 Responses to Jiminy Chricketistianity

  1. Agree PC political crud and other words I use, WDW has a Christmas event every year for several nights but workers have to say Happy Holidays.WM makes a bundle every Christmas, so one year I called their HQ PR man and asked whe the phone is answered happy holidays and same for staff. he was not very PR sounding.


  2. larryd, don’t give up hope. Someday, the Blue Fairy may change all those Catholycs into real live Catholics! LOL!


  3. An apt point, though be fair, I don’t recall Jiminy affirming Pinocchio in his okayness when he did wrong. The wooden boy simply ignored him. In the book, IIRC, he crushes the cricket flat the first time he gives him any lip.


  4. Jim Evans says:

    Great. Now I have to re-examine my conscience. My Grandpa called me Jiminy Chricket(istianity?) as a lad. Thanks LarryD for making my day…


  5. Sherry says:

    Or they’ll drink beer and smoke and play pool and find themselves donkeys working in a mine.


  6. al007italia says:

    Larry, good point about how they ignore Church teaching & yet talk about following their conscience. What they ignore is the term properly formed as well as how it is to be formed, based on Church teachings without picking & choosing.
    These Jiminy-chricketistianists are more like Pinocchio in the book, crushing their consciences.


  7. Robert says:

    A reliable source tells me that Jiminy actually said “Always let your informed conscience be your guide” but it didn’t fit the rhythm of the music.


  8. Bill Ford, pen name (BeePee) says:

    Following ones conscience is like a person in a maze who picks a path only to find it to be not the way out. They can stay right where they are without advancing or seek a better direction. When ones conscience leads to the solid wall of church teaching then its time to discard that way of thinking/reasoning and seek the better way out, i.e.the true path to salvation.


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