A Sign Of Contradiction


Co-existing is fine, just don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s the Truth – cos it ain’t.

ht Catholic Memes via Wisconsin Bad Boy

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6 responses

  1. Now, that is a bumper sticker that I could use! And I know just which car I can park next to with it – the ubiquitous “COEXSIST”…

    (Only a few more tasks before I can earn the Curmudgeon badge. This should take care of most of them.)


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  3. I have worked really hard to try and keep my Contradict logo connected to my website that contains the full message behind my design. Go to http://www.contradictmovement and watch the video on the home page to learn more about Contradict. Also there are links to Facebook, my blog, my Youtube channel, and lots more, such as stickers and Gospel tracts. Peace in Christ.


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