Naming Winter Storms…

I don’t know about you, but this whole idea of naming winter storms?  Stupid.

I mean really…”Winter Storm Luna”? Luna…as in Lunatics.


Seems like we’ve survived the Wrath of Winter Storm Khan.  And I can’t wait until we get to Winter Storm Ukko. What the heck – is that a Pokemon or something?

Still – those of you in the path of Luna’s Fury – be careful!

Buck up, you whiners!

Don’t blame me – blame global warming!

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11 responses

  1. This is the Weather Channel. They think we are too dumb to tell them apart without names. The idea originated in Europe, need I say more?
    Also Ukko is the name of the Finnish God of weather. Also of thunder. Better be careful you don’t want to make him thor! ;)


    • Sadly no, nor is it Q as in a member of the Q Continuum of Star Trek.
      According to the Weather Channel it is “Q: The Broadway Express subway line in New York City.”


  2. Winter Storm “Q”? what? That’s a word? These names are stupid. Of course after this election if you take into account the average citizen (voter) and their intelligence (or lack thereof) maybe they need these stupid names so they will be able to tell the storms apart?


  3. Finally somebody says it!!! I knew the AofA would bring this to our attention. This idea of naming winter storms is as stupid as Prohibition, or modern stupidity, trying to get rid of guns. Flipping stupid!


  4. There are going to be a lot of Finnish-Americans laughing at the appropriateness of the storms name while shoveling their driveways if Ukko hits Wisconsin and Minnesota.


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