3½ Time-Outs Tuesday (Vol. 52)

Just like Conversion Diary’s 7 Quick Takes, but half as long and twice as good.

Hosted by Acts of the Apostasy

This Is The Anniversary Edition


How time flies! This is the 52nd edition of 3½ Time-Outs Tuesday. One full, solid year of Revolution. Any day now, Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary will give up the fight, and surrender her crown as High Queen of the Catholic Internet Meme. I’m amazed at her ability to cling so precariously to her throne while The Resistance rises about her. It truly is incredible. But I believe she will crumble – any day now. Any.day.now.


All this in spite of only having, on average, five participants a week. See, folks – it’s not quantity that matters, but quality. Look at what Gideon did with only 300 soldiers, against a foe with greater forces. A story such as that gives me hope, and tells me that victory is gonna come any day now.

Of course, it would be nice to see that “Links in Collection” number climb past, oh, I don’t know…say, 10? On this special 1-year anniversary day? Maybe?


At risk of inadvertently omitting a few people, I’d like to thank the stalwart ones, those who week in & week out – most of the time, at least – have consistently 3.5’d. Jennifer Fitz at Riparians at the Gate; Bear-i-tone at The Spirit’s Sword (representing the Canadian wing of the Resistance); Rebecca at Shoved To Them; Joe at I Know The Words I Need To Say… and NickD at The Imperfect Follower.  And thanks to everyone else who has taken up arms.  You’re all great.

Of course, I’d be totally remiss if I failed to thank

Now it’s your turn – write your own 3½ Time-outs Tuesday post, steal the pic at the top, and link back to this post by clicking on the Blue Frog, and follow the instructions. It’s the easy, painless and shorter version of 7 Quick Takes. You have a couple days to submit, but the sooner the better (link closes 2 PM EST on Thursday). Let’s keep the momentum going and reach the pinnacle of Catholic Internet Meme superiority!! Viva la Resistance!

And thanks to everyone who’s been participating!

And if you’re on Twitter, please tweet your 3.5 and use hashtag #3point5TO.

About thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan with his wife and 2 sons. He has been blogging on Catholic topics and issues since March 2008, providing orthodox commentary on heterodox hooliganism, along with observations on the culture, trends, and the Church. He hopes to inject a little humor and fun into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that maybe everyone's taking themselves way too seriously.
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4 Responses to 3½ Time-Outs Tuesday (Vol. 52)

  1. terry nelson says:

    I did this once, but realized it was just for married people with kids, and so then I stopped.


  2. Helene says:

    My excuse is that I don’t have a blog. And I’m sorry to say I’m just not a fan of the picture of those four little kids. If there was any humor to that picture it wore off many, many months ago.


  3. Kids playing poker is always fun :)…we’re up to 8 now :D


  4. NickD says:

    AH! I see my name!! :0

    I am about to hammer out a post, so you can hit a solid ten!! Sorry I didn’t get it done yesterday


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