Catholyc Live Aid Concert Event Announced

(AoftheAP)  Catholyc reform group Call-to-Action announced Sunday November 18th that plans for a “Catholyc Live Aid” event are underway, with hopes to hold the event in mid-2013.  Exact location and dates have not yet been decided, but an unnamed source has informed AoftheA News that numerous rock n’ roll bands have been approached and invited to participate.  Proceeds from the event will go towards the group’s latest initiatives, including the publication of their own catechism, a “Listening Group and Roundtable Discussion for Dummies” video series, and the purchase of an additional bus for the “Nuns on a Bus” group, in preparation for the 2014 election season.

Below are some of the performers and acts expected to participate:

Black Sabbath

The Clash

Rage Against The Machine

Faith No More

Public Enemy


10,000 Maniacs

The Pretenders

Call-to-Action is seeking input for other appropriately named bands to help make this event a huge success.  Please leave your suggestions in the combox.

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11 responses

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  2. Hey, The Pretenders was/is a really great band; lame name, cool band with the hardest rocking lead singer/guitarist in Chrissie Hynde!
    Howabout we trade them to the New Liturgical Movement for the “Dead Kennedy’s” and an 11th round draft choice in 2016?


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