3½ Time-Outs Tuesday (Vol. 38)

Just like Conversion Diary’s 7 Quick Takes, but half as long and twice as good.

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This Is The Painting the Garage Edition


Over the weekend, I painted our garage. We had our home built in ’99, and at the time, the builder dry-walled, mudded and taped the 2-car garage. And it’s been that way ever since. All ready for paint – 13 years later.


And let me tell you – a lot of junk accumulates over 13 years. It took me more than 3 hours to get the garage emptied – the bikes, the sporting equipment, the gardening tools and supplies, the lawn equipment, the auto maintenance stuff, and all the rest – sorting through the things worth saving, the things destined for the garbage, and the things that didn’t belong in the garage in the first place (but just sort of found their way there nonetheless).

The painting itself took a little longer, what with a couple gallons of primer and then the final coat – about six more hours work there. All in all, a productive weekend – and Mrs LarryD was very appreciative of the results, which is always important. Happy wife, happy life and all that!

Nearly everything worth keeping is back in place – just have a couple cupboards to hang, some garden tool hooks to put up, and that will be that.


In some respects, painting a room is like going to confession.

  1. Your life is a mess, and you know it; this is where you say “This room would look so much better with a fresh coat of paint!”
  2. You examine your conscience; this is the hard work of getting everything out of the room, and sweeping the cobwebs out of the corners.  You take inventory of what’s there, throwing away the junk and clutter.  You see the holes and dents in the wall that need repairing.
  3. After confession and absolution, you receive a penance; this is repainting the room.  As the work progresses, you see how the room starts to look better.  You’re making an effort to change your life, to start anew.  It takes work – cooperation with God’s grace – and doesn’t happen on its own.
  4. You vow to amend your life; this is putting the stuff back in the room, except for the junk and clutter.  And you promise yourself that you’ll keep the room tidy and clean and won’t scuff up the new paint job.  But even if you do – even if you mess up again, and who doesn’t? – the Sacrament of Confession is there to make things right again.

Here’s a photo of my ‘supervisor’, looking through the garage entry door:

Either she was checking on my work, or she was

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About thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan with his wife and 2 sons. He has been blogging on Catholic topics and issues since March 2008, providing orthodox commentary on heterodox hooliganism, along with observations on the culture, trends, and the Church. He hopes to inject a little humor and fun into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that maybe everyone's taking themselves way too seriously.
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5 Responses to 3½ Time-Outs Tuesday (Vol. 38)

  1. Hey, I’m in this week and I posted my own link. Thanks for being a great host, Larry, and helping me hold it together during the crazy season.


  2. Terry says:

    13 years. That is a long time to procrastinate – I bet I have you beat however.

    Love the supervisor – she looks as if she knows what needs to be done.


  3. Wow, I love this post, Larry!

    First of all, I’ve been through a few rounds of cleaning out the garage in the last year or so, and I can attest that yes, you just don’t realize how much ‘stuff’ you have that needs cleaning out until you actually get in there and go through it all… really SEE it. The comparison to confession is just so fitting… love, love, love it! And you have reminded me that I need to sit down and sort out my internal ‘junk’ so I can unburden myself of it… it’s been a few months since I’ve had a good internal cleansing. I need to throw some money changers out of my temple, yo.

    That supervisor of yours is cute!!


  4. al007italia says:

    Having moved last Fall, try dealing with the amount of junk accumulated over 25+ years.
    As for your supervisor, can tell she has a discerning eye. So,you better be doing a good job, or she will report you to Chico who will tell the Pope. Then you’ll be in trouble. ;)


  5. The overlord of the garage painting seems to be doing very well.


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