3½ Time-Outs Tuesday (Vol. 34)

Just like Conversion Diary’s 7 Quick Takes, but half as long and twice as good.

Hosted by Acts of the Apostasy

This Is The Space Edition


Sad news out of the world of space exploration and rocket cowboys – Sally Ride, the first American woman to venture into space, passed away yesterday at the age of 61. I consider astronauts to be the last of the Explorers, and it’s a shame that our country won’t be producing any more such adventurers, if things remain as they are. Her death symbolizes the death of the US space program. May she rest in peace – and I hope the manned exploration program gets resurrected.


Not all is bad news, however. In less than two weeks, the latest Mars rover craft, Curiosity, is due to touch down on the Red Planet. The following video describing its descent and landing is just fascinating.

The ingenuity and creativity of people continues to amaze me.


But what I’m really looking forward to comes next month:

First episode – still no official air date (at least that I could find) – is titled Asylum of the Daleks. This season will feature a new companion and the departure of Amy and Rory, sometime mid-season.

So what would do if you had a TARDIS? Where – and when – would you go?

Now it’s your turn – write your own 3½ Time-outs Tuesday post, steal the pic at the top, and link back to this post by clicking on the Blue Frog, and follow the instructions. It’s the easy, painless and shorter version of 7 Quick Takes. You have a couple days to submit, but the sooner the better (link closes noon on Thursday). Let’s keep the momentum going and reach the pinnacle of Catholic Internet Meme superiority!! Viva la Resistance!

And if you’re on Twitter, please tweet your 3.5 and use hashtag #3point5TO.

(Because of a formatting quirk with WordPress, the links don’t show up on this page. You have to click the Blue Frog to see who’s participated. But that’s not so hard, is it? So write up a post – I’m interested in what you have to say!)

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6 responses

  1. I’d go around, see some historical events, see what they were really like- Thermopylae, Cannae, Agincourt, take in one of Shakespeare’s plays. That sort of thing.


  2. If I had a Tardis that worked properly, which meant I could control it & it’s chameleon circuit worked properly, to Jerusalem the week of Passover in what was approximately 33 AD. ‘Nuff said.


  3. Rumor has it that the air date for season seven will be August 25th.

    I would like go to mid or late 19th/early 20th century Oxford, or ancient Greece. At least, as Oxford is in books…


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