Star Trek TNG: To Blog Where No One Has Blogged Before

…alternatively titled “You Really Wanna Know What I Think Of Patheos?”


About thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan with his wife and 2 sons. He's been blogging on Catholic topics since March 2008, providing orthodox commentary on heterodox hooliganism, with observations on the culture, trends, and the Church. His goal? Inject humor and fun into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously.
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45 Responses to Star Trek TNG: To Blog Where No One Has Blogged Before

  1. samcarter14 says:

    That was all shades of awesome.


  2. Joseph K says:

    Wait a minute… are you saying…



  3. Scott W. says:


    First off, LOL

    Second, seriously, apparently you can, and some of us are not all that thrilled that some of our favorite bloggers have gone to Patheos. I’ll still read them and see no policy in busting their chops for it (If you gotta pay the bills, you gotta pay the bills), but there is simply that feeling that Catholicism is just one more product on the shelf competing with others at the Wal-Mart that turns me off.


  4. Jo Anne says:

    I laughed so loud I woke up the dog……..very funny Mr. LarryD.


  5. terry Nelson says:

    Larry, Larry, Larry, and Larry! This is so LOL funny. This is the best you have ever done. You da man!


  6. Hahaha, you da man Larry!

    I one time told a Patheos congrats on joining Skynet(I really was only kidding), and they deleted my comment.


  7. Allen Troupe says:

    Beyond that, a McBrien clone is scary enough, but a 13th edition???? I’m going to have nightmares for days now. Thanx a lot!!!!! 😉


  8. Bwaaa ha ha ha!!

    Incindentally, it’s possible to get safari-based rendering on Windows. Download and install Google Chromium, or (better yet) SRWare Iron — basically Google Chromium only without Google’s spyware helping them sell adverts targeted to you. Both use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine.


  9. maixv says:

    Heehee. That was cute! And I’m a ‘closet Trekkie.’ (No, not THAT kind of closet! :P)


  10. HA! OK, I have no problem with the Catholic bloggers on Patheos but…

    this. was. hysterical. “Kiss my Assisi.” Still laughing.

    also liked the Coexist sticker on the Blorg. (Blorg from Borg….excellent)


  11. “All your blogs r belong to us” made my day. I laughed so hard I woke up my roommate!


  12. Allison says:

    I agree that you have never been funnier. Tweeted this.

    Gotta ask, how long does something like this take you to do? Awed.


    • thelarryd says:

      Gotta ask, how long does something like this take you to do?

      Hard to say, really. I’ve been mulling this post for awhile now, so I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Still, I had to find and download the videos, take the screenshots, add the dialogue, tweak it here and there…I’d say 4-5 hours total, spread over a few days. It was fun to make, and I’m pleased you found it funny.


  13. Jennifer Fitz says:

    That was seriously funny. Though my thought the whole time was, “He’s moving to Patheos.”


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  15. EegahInc says:


    It’s the little touches like that which makes this so perfect.


  16. College Girl says:

    Have you seen the Vestal Morons blog post that compared Vatican II to the Star Wars saga? It wasn’t funny like this was, they did a more rambling thesis type thing, but it was still interesting


  17. shadowlands2 says:

    Absolutely hilarious! Do some more please.


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  20. Will Linden says:

    What about Quo Peregrinatur Grex?

    Dammit, I’m a doctor, not a theologian!


  21. Will Linden says:

    Now, don’t hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel about Patheos.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely crazy brilliant. I salute you, sir!


  23. Kiss my Assissi! That totally rocks.


  24. The Crescat says:

    You may think me a sell out, but I still love ya Larry D. Very clever post.

    My Sold Out Catholic Integrity


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  26. Melanie says:

    Best addition to my morning coffee 🙂


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  28. Not sure how many of my FB friends follow any Catholic blogs or not but this blog post is awesome to say the least. It may not make much sense to others, Star Trek fans may also enjoy as well.


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  34. “Star Trek TNG: To Blog Where No One Has Blogged Before | Acts Of The Apostasy” was a really awesome blog post, .
    Keep creating and I’m going to continue viewing! Thanks -Jean


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