Star Trek TNG: To Blog Where No One Has Blogged Before

…alternatively titled “You Really Wanna Know What I Think Of Patheos?”

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    First off, LOL

    Second, seriously, apparently you can, and some of us are not all that thrilled that some of our favorite bloggers have gone to Patheos. I’ll still read them and see no policy in busting their chops for it (If you gotta pay the bills, you gotta pay the bills), but there is simply that feeling that Catholicism is just one more product on the shelf competing with others at the Wal-Mart that turns me off.


    • Gotta ask, how long does something like this take you to do?

      Hard to say, really. I’ve been mulling this post for awhile now, so I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Still, I had to find and download the videos, take the screenshots, add the dialogue, tweak it here and there…I’d say 4-5 hours total, spread over a few days. It was fun to make, and I’m pleased you found it funny.


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