Back From Burkina Faso

Well, I’ve safely returned from my trip to Burkina Faso.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come back with any money. Apparently, Miss. Nadia Omwony Ojok had already gotten the money from her bank with the help of another patron. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

I have some pictures from my trip I’d like to share:

I had trouble hailing a cab from the airport, so I rented a bicycle instead. Here I am riding down the busy streets of Ougadougou on my way to the bank (I’m behind the guy in the green shirt).

I got lost once, but these fine military junta-types kindly told me where to go lest I was interested in “touring” their five-star detention center.

I eventually found the bank, which a) resembled a Check-n-Go sorta place and b) was closed.

Here’s me and five other guys who had wanted to help Miss Nadia. I was still interested in meeting her, to let her know I had come all the way from America to help. One of them told me where I could find her brother, who was working out in the countryside at a French mission, and he might know where she was.

So I got back on my bike, drove through the capital (avoiding the military junta-types this time!) and found Miss Nadia’s brother.

This is Miss Nadia’s brother, Pedro. At first I thought it strange that an Ugandan would have a Mexican name, but given that his sister’s is Russian, maybe it wasn’t all that strange after all. He explained his father always admired St Pedro Pio, and he was named after him. Pedro didn’t know where his sister was, except that he had gotten a text message the day before which said “C ya, bro! Leaving 2day!” I thanked him for his time, but before I left, he asked if I knew anything about football. I said sure! I love football! He asked if I could step in and coach his cousin’s team that afternoon, as he was feeling ill and didn’t think he could make it. I had time before my return flight, so I said no problem.
So I got back on my bike and rode to the stadium.


Pedro lied! It wasn’t football, it was soccer! I know nothing about soccer, and his cousin’s team lost like 6-0 or something.

A riot broke out at the stadium after the game.

The military was called in.

I got back on my bike and hightailed it back to the airport.

And got safely on my flight, but not before I picked up some bling.

So how was your weekend?

About thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan with his wife and 2 sons. He's been blogging on Catholic topics since March 2008, providing orthodox commentary on heterodox hooliganism, with observations on the culture, trends, and the Church. His goal? Inject humor and fun into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously.
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10 Responses to Back From Burkina Faso

  1. Terry Nelson says:

    You go to the best places!


  2. Robyn says:

    We just got an email from her to our boutique's email. Apparently she has moved on from Catholic Bloggers to Catholic ladies who make little girl hairbows and photography props.


  3. Al says:

    LarryD went to Burkina Faso & I didn't even get a lousy T-Shirt!


  4. Brent Cannon says:

    In regards to the photo of the gentlemen who were so kind to help you look for Miss Nadia. I am curious, is your head unusually large or does the fellow in blue beside you have an much smaller than normal sized head?


  5. Robert says:

    How can we be sure you didn't get any money?


  6. LarryD says:

    Brent – I've been told on many occasions that I have a big head. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't in regards to overall size.

    Robert – that's a very good question. Trust me, though – if I had gotten the money, I wouldn't have taken the coaching job.

    Robyn – should you go to Burkina Faso, try Abdobo Mukasa's Bike Rental at the airport. Good rates, great bikes.

    Terry – you would have liked it.

    Al – I was kinda rushed, you know. I only had time to grab the bag.


  7. Larry, this is the funniest thing you have ever written. Nice photo work too.


  8. I don't think this photo array is very honest. You cut out the photos of all the bribes you had to pay out.


  9. ROFL! How did I miss this post.


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