In Honor Of Gay Pride Month…

…seeing that it’s June 30th, the last day of the all the hoo-hah, I thought I’d post this video of liturgical dance at the 2013 Easter Vigil at the Berkley Newman Center.





What?  I mean, it’s Berkley, right?

ht Fr Z

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20 responses

  1. Why do these “dancers” think it’s just the coolest thing to prance around in bare feet and flail their arms about with those wispy sash-thingies? And the way that incense was being twirled about, I hope they had their fire insurance premiums paid!

  2. Today I wish I hadn’t posted that comment about the dancers falling to their death – it was not at all serious, especially considering what happened to the performer at Cirque. I apologize. I did not even consider that readers would take it seriously, assuming all would recognize the original comment was made in jest.

    However, the video is LOL funny and I can’t imagine anyone sitting through that. What is shown is a ‘performance of a ‘Mass’ – in my opinion, it is not liturgical. It inspires levity and not devotion – hence the wise cracks – for which I apologize.

  3. The candles are to be on opposite sides of the altar signifying the narrow way, through Christs’ sacrifice, to heaven. That’s all I can find wrong. (Duh!)

  4. So let me get this straight. June is Pride Month. November is Gluttony Month, right? And that means June, when kids get out of school and sleep all day, doubles as Sloth Month?

  5. If this is the Newman Center at the University of California (my alma mater), then it’s spelled, BERKELEY. And, hey, I’m a devout Anglo-Catholic, and this, to me isn’t so much homosexual as pagan.

  6. How did they find time for all that – usually the Easter Vigil is already long enough with all the stuff that’s supposed to be there!

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