Ohio Woman Finds “Inspiring” Cheeto Shaped Like Joan Chittister

(AoftheAP) Life hasn’t been quite the same for Toldeo, OH resident Sharon D. Wellth since finding a little piece of inspiration in her bag of Crunchy Cheetos on January 28.

“I was watching Wheel of Fortune like I always do,” Sharon told AoftheA News, “eating my Cheetos, like I always do. I grabbed a handful and was about to eat ‘em when I looked at one, and I swear upon the tallest stack of thickest Bibles, one stared back at me. It looked just like Sr Joan Chittister.”cheeto2_wp_dragan

The Joan Cheeto-ster


Joan Chittister is the progressive controverial sister who leads a group of Benedictines in Erie, PA. She’s an outspoken critic of the Catholic Church she purportedly still belongs to.

“I called the local Call-to-Action club, and they suggested I show it to the local president. So I drove to the Restful Wakes Nursing Home where she lives, and showed it to her. She agreed that it looked just like her, and then started calling me “Your Grace” and tried kissing my hand.”

Since then, Sharon has decided to become a more spiritual person. She erected a small shrine in her front room, and has opened her house to anyone interested in seeing it.

“I have it in a washed out dill pickle jar, set on a small table with a couple candles and a kneeler. I pray every night between Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, and it’s so inspiring.”

To date, four people have come by to see the Joan ‘Cheetoster’ shrine – a furnace repairman, two Jehovah’s Witnesses, and her mom. And, she’s been asked to be the keynote speaker at the next Ohio Call-to-Action convention.

“They told me I was going to be the most interesting speaker they’ve had in at least a decade!”

Now that she’s found the Cheeto, she’s hoping that Sr Joan would come across Ohio and see it for herself.

“It would be so neat to sit with her, share a bag of Cheetos, and talk about the cosmos and who she likes better, Alex Trebek or Pat Sajak. You know, important stuff.”

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  2. Larry, this is definitely the “cheesiest” post you have put up in a long time. ;)
    Checked out the source & have to say that the side view picture at that site does bear a bit of a likeness to Joanie C.
    The next time I open a package of bologna to make a sandwich, I’ll have to look & see if Richard McBrien’s image is on 1 of them.

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