10 New Names For The NCReporter

In his most recent column published in the diocesan paper, The Catholic Key, Bishop Finn of Kansas City has stated in no uncertain terms that the National Catholic Reporter should not be calling itself Catholic.  I encourage you to read it if you haven’t already.  It’s excellent stuff.

Now, they won’t be obeying Bishop Finn any time soon, but still, if by chance they come to their senses and do the right thing, they’re gonna need a new name.

And guess what – I have 10 suggestions (of course I do, right?)

  1. The Nullified Conscience Reporter
  2. The Midwest Journal of Religious Emasculation
  3. Theological Masturbation & Review
  4. Screw You, Rome Reports
  5. New Age Apostate & Chronicle
  6. The Weakly Faith Weekly
  7. The Apostolic Underminer
  8. The Sixth Circle Times-Union
  9. The Poor Man’s Unitarian Almanac
  10. Heretic Herald & Heritage

Got any other suggestions?

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17 responses

  1. So sad that hubris rather than faithful witness and humble submission to the Holy Spirit who is the final Teacher, not the wanna be Luther-Zwingli-Calvin-Knox – Cranmer crowd, instead of the Ignatius Loyala-Francis and Dominc saints who faced corruption and heresy head-on with grace and more success than the other screaming vultures when they went too far.

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  3. Truth in labeling would require the NonCatholic Reporter (as I call them) to call themselves the Nothing Authenticly Catholic Rag. But since Bishop Finn told them to drop Catholic how about the Relativists’ Gnostic Update?

  4. 1. Beyond Beyond
    2. Finding All The Answers Within Ourselves
    3. Exploring The Life-Force
    4. Dialogue For A New Future
    5. Fusing Our Yins With Our Yangs

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  6. Does anybody find anything incongruent about the bishop of Kansas City saying he is responding to lots of letters (rightly) criticizing NCR, but keeps a curious silence about NCR’s (and other ORTHODOX Catholics) who think that a bishop convicted in a civil court in conjunction with the current sex scandal in the diocesan presbyterate should step aside? Yes, he has a responsibility to teach (correctly) that NCR is not Catholic, but his teaching is always going to look self-serving when he remains in office while a priest who would be in a similar situation should, under the bishops’ own norms, be barred from ministry. One would think that Bishop Finn would not be so tone deaf as to realize he, too, is part of the problem…..

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