Not All Bronco Fans Are Tebow Fans

(AoftheAP)  As the Denver Broncos prepare for their AFC Quarterfinals Playoff game against the heavily favored New England Patriots, the center of attention continues to be their quarterback Tim Tebow.  The unconventional play of his position is matched only by the unashamed display of his convictions.

His iconic prayer posture – called ‘Tebowing’ by so many – is well-known, and has been over-discussed in the media and among sports pundits and football followers.  It seems that everyone has an opinion on Tebow’s practice, and unfortunately, many are uncomfortable with his overt demonstration of his love for Jesus Christ.

Including some Bronco fans.

For instance, Hugh Jiddiot (pictured above), a season ticket holder since 1982, told AoftheA Sports:  “Y’know, I personally think he’s just making a big fool of himself out there, getting down on one knee.  Sure, he’s played well enough to get the team to the playoffs, but seriously – he ought to act with a bit more dignity, if you ask me.”

Moe Ronnick (above) agreed.  “You’d never catch me doing anything to draw attention to myself, that’s fer sure!”

“It’s like he’s showing off,” said Lou DiCrussly (#36, above).  “Who needs that?  Sure, it’s great that he follows Christ and all, but stop being so flamboyant about it.  He should act normal like everybody else.”

Regardless of how these fans feel about Tebow’s public display of his faith in Christ, none doubt that his beliefs are sincere and central to his life.  In fact, when it comes to showing the world what’s most important to them, or what takes precedence in their lives, Tim Tebow is no different from anybody else.

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  2. Not since O. J. has there been this much media attention on a white Bronco

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist, heard it on a sports talk radio show the other day)

  3. Haven’t I seen relatives of Hugh Jiddiot, Moe Ronnick & Lou DiCrussly at Pro as well as college football games across the USA?

    So, he asks with tongue in cheek, were the names changed to protect the guilty?

    Meanwhile, Fr. Z has a post that puts this who Tebowing thing in its proper persective.

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