Movies Sound Cooler In Latin

You just know it’s true.  Imagine how much more awesomer these awesome lines from the following movies would sound if they were spoken in Latin.

From “Cool Hand Luke” -

From “Silence of the Lambs” -

From “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day” –

From “Sudden Impact” -

From “Dirty Dancing” -

From “Network” – (apparently, there is no Latin equivalent for “anymore”)

From “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” (two selections) -

And finally, from “The Godfather” -

I used Google: English-Latin Translator, so if any of the lines are not precise enough for you Latinistas out there, complain to Google.

If you have any you’d like to add, leave them in the combox.

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  1. “Ave dicere ad AMICUM MEUM!” -Scarface

    “Ingenue mi, a mattis neque.” -Gone With the Wind

    “Potui a CONCERTATOR.” -On the Waterfront

    “Vis Sit vobiscum.” -Star Wars

    “Ostende mihi pecuniam!” -Jerry Maguire

    “In at pretium at vero!” -A Few Good Men

    “Insignia? Non indigemus aliquo tetri insignia!” -Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    And my favorite:

    “Num grave non potest? Ego serius, et non vocabit me Shirley.” -Airplane

  2. Other great lines from The Godfather: “Relinque gun accipe cannoli! (Of course since they didn’t have guns back then it probably would have been “Relinquo gladium accipe cannoli!”)

    “Si venerit ad me in amicitia tua nata foret hoc perdito, qui dolorem spuma hodiernum diem.”

    “Quidam die, et dies non venerit vobis invocabo servitium pro me. Sed usque in diem illum, hunc donum iustitiae in die nuptiarum filiae meae.”

    “Hey, audire volo alicui bonum – et id ipsum – gun plantem illud. Nolo, frater meus, qui egressus de latrina iusto *#@^ in manibus suis, neque?”

    Godfather II: “Scio tu, Fredo. Tu fregisti cor meum. Tu fregisti pectus!”

    “Ego dedi ei qui non negamus.”

    “Multa sunt in hoc ipsum docuit me pater meus. Docuit me custodi amici propinqui, sed inimici propinquior.”

    Godfather III: “Integer odio inimicorum. Illum iudicium tuum.”

    “Numquam quisquam quid cogitas.”

    “Cum venerit … veniunt ad amas.”

    “Peccata tua terribilis. Iustum est quod laboras. Tua vita redimi potuit, sed ego scio quod non credis. Non admodum.”

    & don;t forget, both Godfather I & III did have Latin in them.

    Star Trek: “Vive diu, et prosperabitur.”

    “Tractus ad finem ultimum. Hae stellae navis Enterprise enavigavit. V anno ejus-missio: explorare mundos alienos novos, nova vita exquirat culturis ut audacter ire, ubi nemo praecessit.”

    Robert beat me to James Bond.


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  5. It’d be cool if you could set the “alt” text for the images to be the English, since some of these movie lines I don’t know, or I’m not sure which line in the movie is being shown.

    I love the first one (Cool Hand Luke)

  6. “I dare you to try this with “Can’t Stop the Music”. Actually, I dare you to even watch it! rofl”

    Don’t worry, Larry, I got you covered. This movie’s destined to end up on my blog at some point. Let’s go with…

    “Qui poterat, et absorbebunt duobus Snowballs Ding Dong sine molestia, non superbia.”, or in English, “Anyone who could swallow two Snowballs and a Ding Dong shouldn’t have any trouble with pride.”

  7. Another good one. Best if spoken in the voice of Star Trek Capt. Jean-Luc Picard after he is assimilated as “Locutus” of Borg (“He who has spoken”) :

    “Borges sumus. Resistere inutile est.”
    We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.

    • Actually, you can find a T-shirt on Zazzle that says Catholici sumus. Peccatum futile. Baptizari paratus. I want it … as well as the one that says: WHAT PART OF “HOC EST CORPUS MEUS” DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?

      • Hmm my reply didn’t take. Let me try again…
        I like your second one a lot. I could just envision myself wearing a T-Shirt with that ” WHAT PART OF “HOC EST CORPUS MEUS” DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?” as I was being approached at the airport by TSA’s Obergropinfuhrers for a pat-down.

      • Just had an epiphany. I have an improvement to my TSA T-Shirt that uses a more compact double-entendre vocabulary mode that should afford the opportunity for a larger more readable T-Shirt Font.

        Hey TSA Obergropinführers. What part of “HOC EST CORPUS MEUS” can’t you GRASP?”

      • Random comment from a Latin minor…”corpus” is a neuter noun, so it should be “corpus meum”…just thought I’d let you know before you get it put on a T-Shirt–not that most people would probably notice anyway.:-)

      • It’s already a T-shirt — I just misquoted it. *sigh* As I admit below, I’m not really Latinate … just a guy who loves foreign languages and has respect for Church traditions.

      • I do know a bit of German, though … and it’s Obergruppenführer. (Things don’t always sound cooler in German, but you have to hand it to them for giving us Schadenfreude.)

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  9. “Mater tua cricetus erat et pater tuus bacas sambuci similis odoratus!” – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    (I actually had to work on that one, and I don’t really consider myself Latinate! Oh, well … it was shorter than “Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!”)

  10. Let us not forget the exchange I’m Tombstone:

    Holiday: In vino veritas.
    Ringo: Age quod agis.
    Holiday: Credat Judaeus apella, non ego.
    Ringo: Eventus stultorum magister.
    Holiday: In pace requiescat.

    Oh wait… That was already in Latin…

  11. OK, I found one:
    ” Sentio postulo…celeritate opus!” -TOP GUN

    This isn’t a movie, but I’d thought I’d share it:
    “Elvis aedifcium reliquit!”

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